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Class-in-Pack Art-Kit!

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My name is Judy Allen, or “Miss Allen”, to my students.

"The Duck Pond" Art-Immersion learning pack

introduces the idea of the Story-Board, to build creative projects,

through imagination skills.

This Art-Kit Class-in-a-Pack Series is in Three Activity Sections:

Build a Story-Board:  Do Jumbo-Sheets #'s 1-10

Tiny Story-Time© The Book:  Read & Do the Jumbo-Sheet Activity

Tiny Story-Time© The Film: Watch & Do the Jumbo-Sheet Activity

Let's Begin!

Making the Story-Board

You can complete the Story-Board with just the sheets, without any WiFi or device,

for a "screens-free" experience!


You can choose to follow the class videos below.


It's Flexible!

You can do the class together with the student(s) in one sitting,


 The Art-Kit guide-sheets are designed to do one step at a time,

 over the course of more than one sitting

This at-home art-class has been adapted from an in-person art classes so that:


Companion Class Video Series

taught by Miss Judy Allen

This Art Class teaches coloring, shading, composition basics of foreground and background.

The activities of color, cut, trace & place, supports hand form and muscles for pencil grip, spacial awareness, and hand-eye coordination.

Repeated together, these skills support learning to print letters and numbers  for Pre-K, Kindergarten & First grade and beyond.



Tiny Story-Time©

"the book"

1. Read!

The immersion learning pack comes complete with a printed Story-Book to encourage reading & listening. Read it together first for fun! Its' called Tiny Story-Time to introduce the idea of reading a little bit of a book a bit at a time.

2. Complete

 The Imagination Learning Jumbo-Sheets #'s 11-12, using the finished Story-Board & the printed Story-Book in the exercises.

3. Learn

About how Story-Boards create finished projects, and how to come up with creative ideas through imagination training!



Tiny Story-Time©

" the film"

1. Bonus!

Our immersion learning pack also comes with a bonus narrated version of the Story-Book, to show how a Story Board makes a book, and then a movie.


2. Watch

the illustrated, narrated version of the printed Story-Book for fun!


3. Complete

the Bonus Imagination Learning Jumbo-Sheets along with the Story-Board, the book, & the film to learn how to use and train the imagination!


the film:

Presenting: the Duck Pond

An Illustrated, Narrated, Short Feature!

Remember! Don't forget to hang up your FREE Movie Poster, to imagine more adventures!