CREATING ART FROM LIFE.  MAKING ART OUR BUSINESS [& vice versa]F ounded in Austin, Texas, we are an Art, Books, Music and Learning-Tools design & publishing firm. Operated by formally-trained Fine Artists, Professional Educators, and experienced Product & Graphic Designers.   We create, design and Publish our company's products for our retail space:Original Works of Art Art Prints & Wall ArtTextile Prints for Décor ItemsChildrens' & Coffee-table BooksArt Activity Kits & ClassesMusic, Videos and AnimationsWe also provide custom framing on orders of artwork, and consult with our customers on art selection & framing options.  Our Mission is to offer inspiring and uplifting works of art, alongside other handcrafted,  stimulating tools for Arts-Immersion Learning. To spark inspiration, we put effort into fostering the seeds of creativity in others–whether that's through the comfort of sitting by a fire in a room with art in it, or taking a class that opens the mind and heart to the possibilities that creativity offers.We believe that nurturing the Visual Arts, at any age, is a positive activity that supports brain and memory health through the use of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception.Involvement in visual, creative activities enhances brain function in many areas.Experimentation with color and visual arts promotes relaxation and well-being.Engagement with media that promotes an appreciation for nature and others, is critical during the first 1 - 7 years. Later on, it supports mood and coping as a teen and as an adult.                 A TEAMIN LOVE WITHTHE WORK... THE WORK IS A GIFT. [when you truly dig what you do.]  LAINA MELIArt Director For three decades, Laina Meli has worked in the design world, from print to products, from Harvard to Disney. Born into a family of artists, she found the emerging digital tools at the start of the '90's to be a natural boon to the traditional graphic-arts training she had growing up with her commercial/fine artist parents. While cutting her teeth at design departments in the print-houses in Boston, MA, where she grew up, Laina garnered a robust professional portfolio before the age 22. She was advised by the Dean at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, to enroll in a fourth year-final portfolio class. From there, she was recruited directly into the world of top-talent Agencies and has not stopped illustrating, designing, and making ideas into reality since. OUR UNSHAKABLEFOCUS ON GIVING BACK. A CHANCE AT ART[opportunity through immersion.]Not giving up on our own careers as Artists teaches us to understand perseverance in the face of  challenges. For some, most notably the youngest among us, those challenges start with a lack of basic things like a toothbrush or even the loving, guiding hand of a familiar relative. We provide our specially designed art learning tools to children in need through partnerships with local agencies. Each art-kit has a full class of activities & exposure to Immersion Art Learning inside, to support with the most critical skills between ages 4 - 7.Giving for the sake of learning to children & families who lack access to immersion-style, hands on learning experiences in the Arts is behind what we offer in our retail experience. By purchasing  any of our products, you are helping us give our Class-in-a-Pack© Art Kits to The Rainbow Room, operated by Partnerships for Children in Austin, a non-profit agency that works to provide vital supplies for children in transition and foster care. From the whole family at The WellBeeTree Co, Thank you  for choosing our products.  - Laina Meli, Art Director








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